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Ever wonder how you can enhance or simplify your customer’s experience on your website?

Now you can let them know that they can Feel Free to Click Agree 
to your Terms and Conditions.

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For the many companies who want to simplify the browsing of their site and wish to show their customer’s that their Terms and Conditions have been reviewed, you may inquire by clicking below.

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What's TermSAFE™

TermSAFE™ takes the guess work out of the daunting task of reading the Terms and Conditions on your most visited websites! TermSAFE™ reviews website Terms and Conditions and notes any sections, if any, that the user might want to read before agreeing to them. TermSAFE™ is focused on improving the users experience, improving the business’s customer service and ultimately strengthening the relationship between the two.

About Us

Our Mission

The TermSAFE™ mission is to help website and app users improve their confidence and comfort level before agreeing to Terms and Conditions. We realize that most people do not read Terms and Conditions, or any service agreements, and click AGREE on just blind faith. Many users have trepidation and discomfort over potential liabilities and costs, but click AGREE anyway.

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