Why TermSAFE™

Like all parents, my wife and I have tried very hard over the last 25 years to protect our three children. Whether it was checking the straps on their car seats, ensuring they wore helmets bike riding or skiing, or driving them to and from school activities, protection for our children was paramount in our minds.

However, there was one place where we felt we had no control and that was on the web. We tried to instill in them how to be careful, how to protect their profiles, and be careful whom they engage in chats. Nevertheless, no matter how many times we asked them to read any terms and conditions before agreeing to them, we realized we were facing a losing battle. And, quite frankly, we realized this was a problem for everyone in the world as it is just too daunting and complex a task to carefully read all of the terms and conditions which require your signature before accessing a website, app, or agreement. I knew there had to be a better one, one where any reasonable person can look at an independent source for guidance, and thus was born the idea of TermSAFE™ - A website where you can check hundreds of sites to see if in our opinion a reasonable person could Feel Free to Click Agree™! And we also realized that many very fine websites would love to have a shield of approval that would allow them to let their prospects and customers know that an independent source believed that their users could Feel Free to Click Agree™.

TermSAFE™ addresses these very difficult issues! While we remind all users that there is no substitute for a thorough reading of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies, and a reminder that we are not dispensing legal advice.

The entire leadership team of TermSAFE™ welcomes your input and suggestions.

- Gerry